One out of 5 companies in Europe are outsourcing! Are you?

European quality. Our developers are educated before they are hired by us, and we are still coaching them with European trainers to develop their efficiency and workflow. We only select the best talents so we can assure you the highest quality.

We rent out developers and programmers

Development of web applications, websites & webshops.

Apps for smartphones & tablets.

Hardware Programming.

Easy and cheap workforce with European quality.

Fixed transparent pricing with all inclusive.

Access to use other developers in our team.

Rent a full time developer for under
14€ per hour

Combine your own package after your needs with the possibility for part-time employment.

  • Pay as you go
  • 23,25€per hour
  • 40 hours a month
  • Dedicated developer
  • Incl. Team Leader
  • 1 hours support*
  • Transfer 40 work hours**
  • Extra hours for 25€
    Overtime for 30€
  • Min. 3 month***
  • 6 month get 20 hours free
    12 months get 40 hours free
  • 929€ / month
  • Book now
  • Halftime
  • 15,75€per hour
  • 80 hours a month
  • Dedicated developer
  • Incl. Team Leader
  • 2 hours support*
  • Transfer 40 work hours**
  • Extra hours for 16€
    Overtime for 23€
  • Min. 3 month***
  • 6 month get 40 hours free
    12 months get 80 hours free
  • 1459€ / month
  • Book now
  • Special
  • Special 
  • Your needs
  • Dedicated developer(s)
  • Incl. Team Leader
  • Your need
  • Transfer 80 work hours** /dev.
  • Special quote for you needs
  • Min. 3 month***
  • Special discount
  • Special
  • Contact for quote

* Advanced support in your own language. Additional support can be bought for 55€ / hour

** Unused work hours can be transferred to the next month.

*** Minimum 3 months booking. Can be canceled with 2 month notice.

Flexibility is our keyword!

When you hire a developer through us, you also get access to the whole team. If you suddenly get a good idea or you are in need of special support, you can get help from other developers with another skill set. So you do not need to hire more people, find a freelancer or buy extra support. You get the full package.

Always English support with Danish quality and project management.

  • Your own dedicated developer for a fixed price per month.
  • Use as your own employee.
  • You decide the qualifications of your worker.
  • Learn more
  • Possibility for a 14 days trial for a low fixed price.
  • Use the person when you have work.
  • Fixed low price, no extra fees
  • Learn more
  • Use us as an office
  • We take care of your project from start to end
  • Projects for a fixed time and price
  • FREE Quote

We’re good with techs

And we only use the newest technologies and workflow

  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • API's
  • OOP & (H)MVC
  • Git/SVN
  • Lots of frameworks
  • Tons of administrative systems
  • Frontend, SEO & graphic design
  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • PHP
  • .NET & C#
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • And lots more

Communication is our most important service!

We are always in close dialogue with you as our client. We have tight deadlines and we will also work overtime to get there. You decide how much support you need. We will be ready at the phone and email.

Meet the team

expert team

Meet the experts

We sought out the top senior developers, business developers and project managers to share their expertise on building the best online products. Communication, flexibility and trust are our keywords.

Since 2005

We have been working with webshops, Apps, software and web development for European companies.

It’s me you will be in contact with and I am really looking forward to talk to you

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